Healing Your Broken Heart Through

Soulful Relating in Psychotherapy


Doris has been serving individuals, couples, and groups in private practice since 1994, exploring the interplay between psychological and spiritual integration. Her practice, Soulful Relating in Psychotherapy, integrates Gestalt therapy, attachment theory, hypnotherapy, dream work, energy therapies, somatic healing techniques, contemplative and celebratory practices, and level 1 AEDP—Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. The goal of Soulful Relating in therapy is to transform childhood trauma and live a life that is embodied, creative and soulful.

Her clients are invited to explore creative ways of cultivating a rich and passionate life by expressing who they are through writing, tending to dreams, spontaneous movement and sound, healing art, and other unique creative responses to what is emerging from within.

Personal View:

It brings me great joy to assist people in becoming and expressing themselves.

Who are you? What do you really feel, think and care about. I am interested in helping you find out and will encourage you to risk saying yes to yourself wholeheartedly.

Our work will be around your specific needs to make changes in the areas you are seeking help with. In working together, I will explain clearly what I observe and understand about your process and help you access and express all parts of yourself by guiding you to share honestly, listen deeply, reflect soulfully, tend patiently and respond creatively to whatever part is revealing itself at any particular moment. Honest sharing is not so easy when one is used to getting exposed by unkind eyes that judge and criticize. This is why I am committed to nurture a non-threatening environment in which you are encouraged to express all the repressed, disowned, guilt-ridden and defamed parts you have learned to reject and withdraw from. I believe that in a soulful atmosphere all parts in time reveal themselves and can be seen, cared for and integrated with love. I also believe that it will be your own soul’s creativity and healing qualities that will move you in unimaginable ways and restore your sense of presence and wholeness.

Special Training, Certificates and SR Accomplishments:

* Certified body-mind integrator by the Bodymind Institute in West Los Angeles.

   Here Doris was introduced to traditional bioenergetic theory, postural integration,

   hands-on, body-centered exploration of character and personality and emotional

   release work. Her training was grounded within the work of Jack Painter, Alexander

   Lowen and Wilhelm Reich and she provided supervised individual and group

   therapy for adults looking for body-mind integration.

  1. *Certified in hypnotherapy by Gil Boyne

  2. *Practiced in reversing repression and reprogramming the subconscious mind

* Certified in The Radiant Technique by Joyce Kenyon

* Certified in Pranic Healing by Master Stephen Co.

* Completed an Immersion Course in AEDP (Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic

   Psychotherapy) with Diana Fosha, PH.D.

  1. *Completed the Treatment of Trauma Program with The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

  2. *Continuing Education Course: Somatic Trauma Treatment with Peter Levine, the developer of Somatic Experiencing ®

  3. *Studies and practices medicine dance and somatic movement techniques on an on-going basis

  4. *Developed The Practice of Soulful Relating (SR) © 2014. SR in psychotherapy is soul attachment work focused on helping clients cultivate an attachment bond between their body-self (Ego) and their Real Self (Soul).

  5. *Launched two nature art projects, Trees Know Soul and Soul Is Everywhere.


Antioch University in Marina del Rey,

MA in Clinical Psychology, MFCC track

Completed a Teacher Training Program in West Berlin

Pådagogische Hochschule in Würzburg, Germany

                      MA in Pedagogics

Maximillians University in Würzburg, Germany

BA in Humanities

Licensed as MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist)

State of California, USA, License # 31676

CAMFT Member (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)

AEDP Member (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy)


licensed psychotherapist,

MFT LIC# 31676

12401 Wilshire Blvd. #304

W Los Angeles, CA 90025

  1. (310)721-7201





I am thankful to many teachers and healers and pay reverence to all mystics and poets who have deeply influenced and changed me and are my guiding light in this work. It is through their eyes that I first was able to see that, paradoxically, people are both, broken and whole. Seeing into the heart of the human soul-which is whole- and understanding souls capacity to bring peace and healing to the wounded parts IS the spiritual eyesight that makes spontaneous healing possible and can bring about lasting changes.


You may call me or send

an e-mail to request a confidential phone consultation:

Phone: 310-721-7201

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May you have full access to all parts of yourself

and be free to share about, listen to, reflect on, tend to

and express these parts in a soulful way.

-doris wolz-cohen