Soulful Relating in Psychotherapy is a somatically and spiritually based therapeutic approach, wherein you are guided to connect with and experience your Soul’s capacity to accept and integrate wounded and rejected self-aspects that will otherwise trap you.

In individual and/or group meetings, you are encouraged to recognize and shine Soul’s light of acceptance on these self-aspects, so you can gradually experience a letting go of self-critical and self-destructive ways, when facing the emotional intensity these parts can create in you.

Drawing from the unconscious wellspring of creativity and allowing Soul, your True Nature, to be revealed and known through honest sharing, deep listening, soulful reflection, soul tending and spontaneous creative expression in small Soul theatre settings, you are actively participating in overcoming resistance and obstacles to wholehearted living by being your whole true self.

The Practice of Soulful Relating (1) offers practical tools to help cultivate your ability to feel and express the most vulnerable and neglected aspects of your being, and to bring into awareness who you really are:

radiant Soul Presence who is able to witness, receive, accept, and soulfully direct all self-aspects without ending up trapped in shame

and blame.

When we identify with (or disown) our brokenness, we suffer.

But when we identify with Soul and experience Soul’s capacity to be with and tend to what is broken in us and others, we feel nurtured and healed.

Soulful Relating integrates somatic healing techniques as well as contemplative and celebratory practices to transform childhood trauma and cultivate a life that is embodied, playful and creative. Dancing with nature’s Soul plays an important part in Soulful Relating.  (click here)

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... words of wisdom

came to me at last

"the Beloved you've lost

the one you've been seeking outside

can only be found inside”


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