Say YES to yourself. YES to parts you like and Yes to parts you learned to dislike.

What’s Your Running Nightmare?

In first grade,

My RUNNING NIGHTMARE was being chased and attacked by a dog.

Throughout my life,

The NIGHTMARE was feeling disconnected from

Soul’s Devotional Heart.


Growing up I had a recurring dream. I was running home from school, a viscous dog chasing me. I knew this dog could hurt me badly. I ran a long time before I made it home. Damnit! The front door was locked, I couldn’t get in. Just as I was realizing hat the dog attacked me, I thought I was dreaming and woke up.

Being chased and attacked by a dog started as a dream in first grade and was a running nightmare throughout my life until I noticed…

What interrupted (and continues to interrupt) the nightmare of feeling locked out and disconnected from Soul’s Devotional Heart is resonating with nature’s passion to see walls that separates life from Love come down.

If it’ll transform the wall of guilt and shame that keeps me and my world from Soul’s Heart, I’ll stand on one arm and give everything.

Giving Everything

Will you stand on one arm with me and give everything?

About the wall in me, please visit “On Borrowed Light No More!

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