Soul’s Dual Nature

Soul’s Dual Nature

O Je! One breaks us. One makes us whole. Soon!

Time will end and all will see what Tree Sees With One Eye:

Us Whole.

From Tree Sees With One Eye by bea Ma

To honor the PoeTree Diptych Soul’s Dual Nature from the series Trees Know Soul, I invite you to chant this Soulful Relating chant daily:

I am the Soul that flows through you. I am the Soul that flows through all. Bring me all your wounded/wounding parts, I’ll make them whole, I’ll make them whole. Our Spirit repairs what our ignorance tears.

There are wounded and wounding parts and there is One who heals in all of us.

We get wounded, when we face the outer world and we get healed, when we turn in and allow Spirit to love and help us feel whole again.

Our personal bodies are housing wounded and wounding parts—our inner Youth. Our spiritual bodies are vessels for qualities the Soul in us embodies: pure Love and Light.

So, when you encounter an unenlightened world and are unable to respond to what’s in front of you from a place of pure Love and Light, it means that a young part, or several young parts, in you will need to be brought under Soul’s Wings so they can feel loved and seen in their true Light, before they are expected to love and see the Light in an unenlightened world.

There is Soul’s Dual Nature and then there is Soul’s Devotional Heart. Let the Maiden Spirit guide wounded parts of self out of scary mind-fields so they can experience Soul’s Devotional Heart.

MINDFIELD by Kim Canazzi

I followed the Spirit of a TreeMaiden and found my way back to Soul’s Devotional Heart.

Curious about the TreeMaiden Spirit? Visit bea’s MaidenBleibe

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