Say YES to yourself. YES to parts you like and Yes to parts you learned to dislike.

Soulful Tending

Home At Last—HealerHealed—SoulBody—ElderYouth—SpiritSoul

Soulful Tending happens when you practice Conscious Breathing and Soulful Self-Touch. You experience the dual nature of your Soul, the HealerHealed, SoulBody, ElderYouth, SpiritSoul Dynamic, by engaging the flow of Giving&Receiving.

All self-parts, parts you like and identify with and parts you dislike and reject, can find a Home in you when you practice engaging the flow of GivingReceiving and experience your body touched by Soul-presence.

All young parts that still live on edge—your inner children caught in feeling emotionally abused, neglected, rejected or abandoned—can be noticed, consciously related to, and touched by Soul-presence.

Conscious Breathing creates space in your body for all that’s going on to be felt. It creates safety for parts you learned to reject and disown. These parts need to feel safe before they can open and allow you to receive and tend to them.

Soulful Self-Touch connects traumatized and forgotten places in you with your Giving Soul-presence which is “whole-making.” Inch by inch your body calls to be touched to feel holy. Will you hear and answer the call?

Soulful Relating exercises like…

“Breathing Parts Home” wherein you welcome and receive wounded and wounding parts of ourself—Soul’s inner children—in Heart….

“Yes-Us!” breathing, wherein you welcome and receive others who are wounded and wounding—Soul’s outer children—in y/our/humanity’s collective Soul-center…

Engaging GivingReceiving, wherein we ask the body where it wants to be touched to feel supported and safe enough to receive…

will signal to your wounded and wounding inner Youth—some kept hidden, others hiding—that you are not just there to represent your Ego or Superego anymore but to offer your wholehearted breath and presence to whoever and whatever shows up.

To learn more about Soulful Relating and Soul Tending, contact me to schedule a 30 min free consultation at OR download a copy of A Call From Soul: Come Home!

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