Say YES to yourself. YES to parts you like and Yes to parts you learned to dislike.

Soulful Tending

ElderYouth—Home At Last

Soulful Tending happens, when you practice conscious breathing. In Soulful Relating, we practice “Breathing Parts Home” wherein you welcome and receive wounded and wounding parts of yourself—Soul’s inner children—in your Inner Heart, your individual Soul-center. We also practice “Yes-Us!” breathing, wherein you welcome and receive others who are wounded and wounding—Soul’s outer children—in humanity’s collective Soul-center.

Before you can welcome and receive the suffering of others, you have to welcome and receive your own suffering. If you like the idea, take a moment and proclaim that all parts of yourself, parts you like and identify with and parts you dislike and reject, shall find a Home in you.

Maybe you are exhausted and no longer believe that change is possible, because you found that, no matter how hard you try to escape the abusive or neglectful childhood environments you grew up in, you have internalized these environments, so they are alive in you and seem to be in control. It doesn’t have to be that way. These environments are in you, yes, but they are not who you are. You can notice and tend to the parts of yourself that still live in these environments. These parts are not holding you back, you have influence. 

All young parts that still live on edge—your inner children caught in feeling emotionally abused, neglected, rejected or abandoned—can be noticed and consciously related to. You can receive and root these parts in earth and in your Inner Heart as you are breathing. 

Conscious breathing creates space in your body for all that’s going on to be felt. It creates safety for parts and other people you rejected and disowned throughout your life to open and allow you to receive and tend to them. Soulful Tending connects the places in you that have felt traumatized and forgotten with your Soul-presence.

Breathing Parts Home” will communicate to your wounded and wounding inner Youth—some kept hidden, others hiding—that you are there to breathe consciously so that they and your Soul can connect. Whoever shows up, you are not just there to represent your Ego or Superego anymore but to offer your wholehearted support and breath.

“Yes-Us!” breathing will communicate to your family, friends and community members that they are safe to reveal their whole self, their worst and best selves, without getting shamed, blamed, and scapegoated.

If you would like to learn more about Soul Tending, contact me to schedule a 30min free consultation at OR download a copy of A Call From Soul: Come Home!

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