It’s Just You !

Whether you feel controlled by someone else…

or by your own worst self…

or possibly by barbed wire meant to protect your heart and keep others as well as “unwanted” parts of yourself out…


It’s Just You !

Don’t keep yourself out. Don’t hate yourself. Hate programs that run you and practice saying yes to yourself. All parts of yourself.

Say “Yes-Us!”

Yes to the one who tries to control parts, because they overwhelm your nervous system. Yes to the one who is controlled, because it is not possible for that part to act “nice” until you see, hear, love and care for it.

Take a listen:

She didn’t like how my song impacted her. She said she was afraid to let herself see and feel that part. She said, “That part would completely take over my life.”

I reminded her that it already had taken over her life and asked her to remember:

The One who sings that song is not our ego, it’s our Soul—here with us to see, hear, feel, know, and love all parts, not just the ones we feel are pleasant.

I asked if she would chant with me to reach the anxious one and her tired ego, “I love you in the morning, I love you in the day, I love you through the dark night, I love you all the way,” She liked the idea.

Now, we invite you to chant with us and to connect parts your ego struggles with as well as your ego with the One who can see, feel and love all parts of yourself. 💕

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