Say YES to yourself. YES to parts you like and Yes to parts you learned to dislike.

Water is passive, self-containing yin energy. It flows through all lifeforms simultaneously.

GriefWater is stagnant. It leads to feeling depressed and stuck.

To allow the flow of water through you, allow space for your personal and our collective sadness. Be with and begin to feel parts of self that are depressed and grieving. Don’t just feel their grief, practice loving these parts.

See if the emotional music mix of “Emotion Series—Sadness” will help you be with your personal and our collective sadness without feeling alone and unwitnessed in the process.


Tibetan Water Chant to balance the water element in you and your personal sphere.

Fire is active, self-expressive yang energy. It can keep you warm or consume you.

RageFire has the power to consume you. It burns down what you created and destroys your will to create. It leads to self-destruction.

To make sure the fire element is a non-consuming hearth fire in you, acknowledge desires, blind rage and the lust to kill. Practice feeling and being with destructive parts in you.

See if the emotional music mix of “Emotion Series—Anger” helps you meet your hot rage so it can turn into passion for life everywhere.


Fire Mantra (MI-LA) PAN to balance the fire element in you and your personal sphere.

Tibetan YinYang Harmony Mantra to help integrate and harmonize feminine and masculine energies in you.

Shutterstock Magic—Water and Fire. Yin and Yang symbol of harmony

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