Say YES to yourself. YES to parts you like and Yes to parts you learned to dislike.

Returning Home

“This Way Please!”

Which way do we turn to be made whole when we feel broken? What breaks us in the first place? Are we still also whole even when we feel and act broken? Deep inside we are, because the world has no authority there.

When wounds are not healed, our Ego tends to take measures to turn away from how deeply hurt some parts in us are, and how angry we feel about it. Painful and violent feelings are difficult to face when there is also a feeling that nothing will ever change.

Perhaps you turn to food, drugs, sex and other “things” to ease your pain and relieve tension. This “turning to” externals is a “turning away” from your center and leads to more suffering and unnecessary losses.

Adin Steinsaltz writes in The Thirteen Petalled Rose, “Remoteness from God is… not a matter of physical distance but a spiritual problem of relationship. The person who is not going along the right path is not farther away from God but is, rather,  a man whose soul is oriented toward and relating with other objects,”

Returning means “turning in” to meet abandoned, neglected and forgotten parts. It means feeling and healing parts of yourself you learned to turn away from, because others turned away from these parts.

No matter how dark a place you find yourself in and how much you lost, you can always turn your life around and use what you created to serve a powerful and positive end. You can recognize that you have turned away from your soul and affirm your desire to return. 

In Hebrew the root meaning of repentance is return to God. In Greek it means a change of mind and heart following an after-thought, a shift in consciousness.

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