Say YES to yourself. YES to parts you like and Yes to parts you learned to dislike.


Soul makes it possible to grow roots anywhere. Trees communicate and invite this. Look at this tree bark and the way the light makes it come alive…

Photo by Aquarelle Melody Emery—I See You Take Root!

Soul comes alive in relationships … with trees, poetry, story telling, improv, dance, art, drumming, each other…

Someone on this Soul journey with me once said, “Dance was my first language.”

I, too, love dancing, but my first language was hugging trees.

When we are present and simply offer what’s in our hearts, Soul awakens and connects us with others and with parts of self we didn’t feel connected with before. Feeling wholeheartedly expressed, received and accepted is what makes it possible to take root anywhere.

Soul unites all things within and without. She understands that our unrealized human nature and our realized divine nature, our owned and our disowned spiritual selves, are all Her children learning to receive and share Her love.

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