Say YES to yourself. YES to parts you like and Yes to parts you learned to dislike.

What Is Soulful Relating?

Kiss of the Sea
by Octavio Ocampo





Soulful Relating (SR) is relating with the awareness that the same Soul flows through everyone and everything simultaneously. In order to experience the Soul through other people and our”selves” consciously, we need to let go of control and be more like water. We need to be curious about and open to getting to know our”selves” better, especially suffering parts, so we can be curious about and open to getting to know how others suffer and express their suffering in relationship with us.

Soulful Relating is a somatically and spiritually based approach to daily life wherein we practice Tending to The Small while also tending to what “The Small” activates in us: feeling-parts we love and identify with and feeling-parts we dislike and reject.

Tending to The Small means being wholeheartedly present and touching what’s in front of us and activated inside us with heart. It also means letting what’s in front of us touch us.

When wholehearted presence is interfered with, it’s likely that parts of yourself are busy elsewhere; some perhaps unprepared, some preoccupied, some unwilling to show up, because they need something from you first. Mostly, they need you to acknowledge, hear, feel and understand them. They need to feel considered before they’ll show up in present time.

Parts of yourself that may resist your Ego’s direction are willing to become present when Soul’s presence is experienced. Even your Ego begins to register when there’s someone around who knows how to work with and transform the way you wound and feel wounded in relationships.

Soulful Relating teaches how to shine Soul’s Light of acceptance on self-aspects, so you can gradually experience a letting go of self-critical and self-destructive ways, when facing the emotional intensity suffering parts can create in you and around you.

Drawing from the unconscious wellspring of creativity and allowing the Soul to be revealed and known through Honest Sharing, Deep Listening, Soulful Reflection and Soulful Tending, you are actively participating in wholehearted living. You are expressing your whole True Self.

The Practice of Soulful Relating offers practical tools to help cultivate your ability to feel and express the most vulnerable and neglected aspects of your being and to bring into awareness who you really are: Radiant Soul Presence, able to witness, receive, accept and guide all self-aspects Home without creating shame and blame.

When you identify with or disown your brokenness, you suffer. But when you identify with the Soul and experience Soul’s capacity to be with and tend to what is broken in you, you feel nurtured and healed. 

Soulful Relating integrates somatic healing techniques as well as contemplative and celebratory practices to transform childhood trauma and cultivate a life that is embodied, playful and creative. Spending time in nature and dancing with nature’s Soul plays an important part in Soulful Relating.

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